How to make money with WordPress Themes

Whether you are a web developer or a business owner looking to buy a good WordPress theme, you should consider taking a look into several places where such themes are listed. They are good for everyone involved in building a business online. WordPress developers can determine what kind of themes are the most popular, and then create some and list them in these directories. If they are really good, people are going to purchase and use them for their projects. This can be excellent for creating awareness for your name or your web development business. There are many great theme shops listing their work online, in various WordPress themes directories. Some of their themes manage to become viral, so they bring their author’s very nice profits. The greatest advantage of this business model is that you work once to develop the themes, and then you sell the over and over again, without having to do anything more. Besides, you can sell some additional services to clients who prefer to have their themes installed and set up by a professional. If your looking for a web developer Rise Atlantic is a excellent choice.

When listing your themes, you have to make sure you include all their main features as tags, because this is how you help your potential clients find them. For instance, if your themes are responsive, you should clearly label them as such. If they don’t require coding knowledge, you should mention it in the description. If they are compatible with various plugins such as WooCommerce, you need to mention this when you upload your theme to be listed in such directories and marketplaces. Moreover, you may want to let your potential clients know that you can offer them assistance in installing their themes. Many of them are going to be just fine without it, but some people are technically challenged, so they might prefer to purchase their themes from a shop that offers install and maintenance services.

When you want to make a living from listing themes for WordPress, you need to research the market and the consumers very thoroughly. You need to see what kind of pricing policies other theme developers apply and try to fit in by choosing prices in line with the market.

Going for a narrow niche may bring you better profits. For instance, if you position one of your themes are suitable for dentists and dental practices, you are going to enjoy higher conversion rates, provided that you manage to attract a steady flow of dentists to your landing page. Dentists, doctors, restaurant owners and other such categories of professionals prefer choosing a WordPress them that integrates the main features they need. This is going to determine them to choose a niche focused theme rather than adapt a general one. Besides, human beings are visual creatures, so there’s no wonder we are attracted to something we can see, rather than by a concept or a vague idea. Rise Atlantic Saint John can help you select the perfect template for your site or create one for you.

Listing themes for WordPress can be a very lucrative business if you understand the basic concepts of marketing. Developers who have understood this are probably among the most successful ones.

Responsiveness and Design How Important Are They In a Theme ?

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS)can be tough. The truth is, there are a bunch out on the market to choose from that would do reasonably well. With that being said, if you are really serious about your website and business, you will want to opt for a fully featured and well backed CMS like WordPress. WordPress is one of the best options on the market because of it supports. Below, we will be going over some of the things that you should be looking for when you are evaluating the top WordPress themes of 2017.

Top WordPress Themes:

1. Responsiveness.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you are grading the different themes and trying to figure out which one to use is responsiveness. Nowadays, responsiveness is easily the most important thing to consider when you are trying to narrow down your options and find the best WordPress themes. The reason why responsiveness has become such an important factor when evaluating themes is that you want to be sure that you are picking and choosing a theme that is going to be able to offer you the kind of response time that is going to make mobile users happy. Mobile users are quickly becoming the largest segment of the market in terms of Internet users. As a result, you want to do everything that you can to enhance and optimize their entire experience when visiting your website. Not only for the end user and their satisfaction, but also because search engines have made it an absolute priority to focus on ranking the best possible mobile friendly websites. As a result, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are not going to rank well within the search engines nowadays. If you hire a web signer such as Rise Atlantic make sure the site they create is 100% responsive.

2. Design.

Another important thing that you are going to want to do when you are looking to pick and choose the ideal website for your brand new website would be the overall design. You want to factor in the design because a good looking website with an excellent attention to detail can make a big difference in your overall site’s effectiveness at not only retaining your audience but also converting prospective customers into actual clients. Having a good design means more than just having a design that looks good. It also means having a design that is not going to be too resource intensive causing it to load too slowly or having a cluttered navigation system. You want to make sure that it is as easy as possible to navigate through your entire website because a poor navigation experience is sure to increase bounce rates on your website in total. We designers such as Saint John Rise Atlantic can create you some amazing sites if the proper design is used.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you are going to want to consider when it comes down to finding and choosing the right website theme to go with in terms on WordPress. You want to make sure that you are choosing one that is both responsive and one that has a great overall design.

Tips On Selecting a Good Business Template

When you are looking to set up a business website, the best thing you can do is select a WordPress template or theme that will go well for it. However, you might not know exactly what to look for in this regard. This article will explain a few useful tips which will help you to find the WordPress theme that will be aesthetically pleasing and fully functional for your business website. Let’s get started right now:

#1: Select a template that is suitable for your company and industry

Look around the web at individual business websites, and you will notice that there are some trends in style when it comes to the way that the sites look. For example, photographers will typically have sites that are incredibly graphical intensive and stripped down. Lawyers will have sites that are clean-cut and which explain the services that they offer. Familiarize yourself with the norm for your particular industry and play to your strengths. From here, you will be able to select a WordPress theme that is most conducive to building the website for your particular company.

#2: Make sure that it is easily navigable

You also need to make sure that you focus on functionality when it comes to a WordPress theme. It could look as fantastic as possible, but all of that is useless if people are frustrated and struggling to use it properly. Make sure that everything is laid out clearly and that it is easy to use. This way your site will be more search engine optimized and will have a great experience using your website. This will allow them to have return visits and will make them want to do business with you continuously. You can view some interesting videos from Rise Atlantic Saint John to learn more about navigable

#3: Focus on upgradeability

Give yourself all that you need to upgrade your website. This can be done whenever you start out with a beam that is easily upgradable. From here, you when your web designer will have no problem making these changes. If the game is a clunky and complicated upgrade, this will not bode well for you as a business and will make upgrading your website harder than it is worth. It all begins whenever you select a template that is the most useful to you and will give you the opportunity to brand yourself accordingly and give yourself the chance to have a good showing for yourself through the use of your website. We at Rise Atlantic Saint John us only the best themes that you can upgrade as easily as clicking a button.

When you focus on these tips, it will be easy for you to pick a WordPress template that will be useful to you. There are a lot of options to select between for a template, so you need to make sure that it is the most advantageous for your business. There is no right or wrong way to go about this per se; you owe it to yourself to get all that you can out of this template. You can do this by searching and considering these tips.


Factors To Consider While Selecting A Correct WordPress Template For SEO

We live in a world full of options in as far as WordPress themes are concerned. There are thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes across the internet and endeavouring to choose commonly leads to analysis paralysis. Moreover, with the popularity of WordPress as a content management system on the rise, the odds are that the variety and options of themes will only increase with time.

So, how should one decide which theme to use for their website or blog? Herein are some of the pertinent factors to have in mind, while on the look for a theme that is SEO oriented.

#1. Premium Themes Vs. Freemium Themes – The very first thing you need to determine is whether you need a premium theme or you can make things work with a free theme. This question is inextricably linked to whether you want to monetize your websites by receiving money from your traffic.

If you do not intend to collect any personal information from your traffic, a free theme will suffice. However, for websites that require personal information (as well as a unique professional look) from their blogs, using premium themes is the best option. This is because of the security concerns that come with using free themes that are not regularly updated and which support is virtually non-existent.

On the other hand premium themes usually come with impeccable support and regular updates, which ensure that your website remains secure. More importantly, the updates make it easy to integrate new SEO tactics/technologies, which go a long way in ensuring the theme is SEO relevant.

#2. User Experience And Responsiveness – In the competitive world of business, it is of paramount importance to provide a stellar user experience to your traffic. High-quality user experiences reduce bounce rates thus ensuring that businesses convert as much of its website traffic to paying customers as possible.

Using a responsive and well-designed website makes it possible for your traffic to browse your website efficiently from any device. Responsiveness is particularly important when more and more people are accessing the internet through the mobile devices.

#3. Social Media Optimization – It is also important for businesses to use themes that are ‘social media ready.’ In this regard, the themes should come with some in-built social media widgets, thus negating the need to add numerous plugins to support your use of social marketing.

#4. SEO Oriented Features – Seeing that we are interested in choosing an SEO oriented theme, it is important to factor in the presence of SEO features. Performing SEO on WordPress themes involves the use of plugins such as SEO by Yoast, amongst a variety of others. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the theme you intend to use supports these plugins. Look out for the theme features and it its reviews especially with regards to SEO to make certain that the does support the SEO features/plugins you want to use.  If you are confused on how to do your own SEO there are companies that can do this for you, one such company is Rise Atlantic.

#5. Load Speed – Finally, you should take note of the load speed. It is of paramount importance to have your website loading as fast as possible as the page load speeds are accounted for in the ranking of websites. With this in mind, you should use the theme review to determine how fast the load speeds of prospective theme are.  If you are not sure about how to figure out load speeds Rise Atlantic can show you how.


Other factors that you can use to help you determine which theme to use include browser compatibility, the simplicity of use (back-end use), and ease of customization.

Quick note,  you can find the top 2017 WordPress templates here.

TheMex – Tips On How To Select Proper WordPress Template For Your Site

The average site tends to fail because wrong decisions are made straight out of the gate.

One of the worst decisions a person can make is to have the wrong template in place. This is a mistake that is hard to come back from and can lead your site towards mediocre results at best.

Choosing the right WordPress template is one of the most important decisions you are going to make.

Here are a few tips to help you out with this major decision.

1) Emphasize Responsiveness

How responsive is the template when it is being used? You cannot go with a template that is going to lag or isn’t going to work as well as you want to. This is critical because people don’t have patience when they’re on your site, so a clunky option is out of the question.

The site should be easy to use at all times, and this goes for mobile-friendliness as well. It should work well on handheld devices for you to see good results.

2) Avoid Clutter

Simplicity is the name of the game for site owners, and you have to think about this as you are choosing the next WordPress template for your site.

Those templates that have too many moving parts might look good, but they aren’t going to jive with your needs at all.

You have to be smart and make sure you are keeping things as simple as you can. It is only going to help you out as time goes on. Avoid clutter and make sure you are on top of this when it comes to making a final selection.

3) Go With Themes Providing Support

One of the top spots for templates and support is Theme Forest

A template that isn’t going to have resolute support from its developer is a waste of time.

What if the theme doesn’t work any longer? You are going to be stuck with nonsense that isn’t worth it. This is where choosing a popular solution that has significant support is key. Read reviews when it comes to finding the best in this regard.

4) Supported Plugins Matter

Again one of the top spots for supported plugins is owned by the same company as Theme Forest, it’s called Code Canyon

You want to have a template that can support all types of plugins without crashing or refusing to work.

This does happen more than you think and it is important to think about this as you are choosing a template. At the least, you need to look at how it goes with the plugins you are going to use straight away.

5) Should Be Multilingual

People from all over the world are going to hop onto your site, so making sure the template is multilingual is going to matter a lot as you try to figure things out.

6) SEO-Friendly

You want a solution that is going to help you rank on Google or at the very least isn’t going to get in the way of what you are doing.

Ranking is important to drive in traffic, and your template shouldn’t be a hurdle.

7) Good Reputation

The final tip is to go with those who have positive reviews for the template and carry a good reputation for the work they do. This is going to save you a lot of time, and that is critical in this day and age.

Don’t go with those who don’t have a solid reputation, one company with a great reputation is Rise Atlantic

These are the major tips that are going to matter when you are making a choice as to which template is worth your time. These tips are recommended by experts who have built thousands of sites. If you follow them, you will be good to go for a long time to come.


Direct link to download a fresh version of WordPress here.

Tons of information about wordpress can be found on wiki



WordPress Templates and How To Use Them

This is just a small test to see how this is all gonna look after we set up the new WordPress template.

We will be providing lots of articles, graphics and information about how to use WordPress templates in the proper way to get the most out of them.

This will increase your SEO and marketing advantages, including conversions and listings on google.

We have a great team of writers that will blow your mind with how simple changes in your them can produce massive results.  Also how to speed up your templates and how to pick the correct one for your site.

WordPress is the most popular content management systems ever built for creating websites and its free !  You can get it here, WordPress




The Guardian WordPress Theme


Guardian is one of our favourite free WordPress templates.  It’s fully responsive and flexible based on bootstrap CSS framework.  Guardian supports WPML for creating multilingual websites and multi-device compliant.  It comes with 4-page layouts, 2-page layouts and has five widgets for you to use to create a great looking site.

It has all the usuals as well such as custom menus, custom header and footers and multicolour layouts.

You can have a look at it here :


GoodChoice WordPress Theme


GoodChoice Theme

GoodChoice is a great WordPress template that is clean and simple in design.  It can scale from 320px to 1260 px which is great for all types of browsers and devices. It’s coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery.   Head on over to Theme Forest to have a better look at it.