How to make money with WordPress Themes

Whether you are a web developer or a business owner looking to buy a good WordPress theme, you should consider taking a look into several places where such themes are listed. They are good for everyone involved in building a business online. WordPress developers can determine what kind of themes are the most popular, and then create some and list them in these directories. If they are really good, people are going to purchase and use them for their projects. This can be excellent for creating awareness for your name or your web development business. There are many great theme shops listing their work online, in various WordPress themes directories. Some of their themes manage to become viral, so they bring their author’s very nice profits. The greatest advantage of this business model is that you work once to develop the themes, and then you sell the over and over again, without having to do anything more. Besides, you can sell some additional services to clients who prefer to have their themes installed and set up by a professional. If your looking for a web developer Rise Atlantic is a excellent choice.

When listing your themes, you have to make sure you include all their main features as tags, because this is how you help your potential clients find them. For instance, if your themes are responsive, you should clearly label them as such. If they don’t require coding knowledge, you should mention it in the description. If they are compatible with various plugins such as WooCommerce, you need to mention this when you upload your theme to be listed in such directories and marketplaces. Moreover, you may want to let your potential clients know that you can offer them assistance in installing their themes. Many of them are going to be just fine without it, but some people are technically challenged, so they might prefer to purchase their themes from a shop that offers install and maintenance services.

When you want to make a living from listing themes for WordPress, you need to research the market and the consumers very thoroughly. You need to see what kind of pricing policies other theme developers apply and try to fit in by choosing prices in line with the market.

Going for a narrow niche may bring you better profits. For instance, if you position one of your themes are suitable for dentists and dental practices, you are going to enjoy higher conversion rates, provided that you manage to attract a steady flow of dentists to your landing page. Dentists, doctors, restaurant owners and other such categories of professionals prefer choosing a WordPress them that integrates the main features they need. This is going to determine them to choose a niche focused theme rather than adapt a general one. Besides, human beings are visual creatures, so there’s no wonder we are attracted to something we can see, rather than by a concept or a vague idea. Rise Atlantic Saint John can help you select the perfect template for your site or create one for you.

Listing themes for WordPress can be a very lucrative business if you understand the basic concepts of marketing. Developers who have understood this are probably among the most successful ones.


The Guardian WordPress Theme


Guardian is one of our favourite free WordPress templates.  It’s fully responsive and flexible based on bootstrap CSS framework.  Guardian supports WPML for creating multilingual websites and multi-device compliant.  It comes with 4-page layouts, 2-page layouts and has five widgets for you to use to create a great looking site.

It has all the usuals as well such as custom menus, custom header and footers and multicolour layouts.

You can have a look at it here :